A teal and gold sign dream for Chantelle Aesthetics Clinic

Back in 2019 we completed Chantelle Aesthetics first clinic in Manchester with interior and exterior signs. We love it when customers come back to us, so we were very excited to be involved in their new and bigger clinic 3 years later. 

Chantelle had re-branded so we got to work on colours and materials to best suit the branding. As the sign background was a unique teal colour, the sign trays needed to be powder coated to achieve this colour, and our mirrored-gold material complimented it so well for the raised letters. The main sign was over 12 metres wide so it certainly makes an impact on the highstreet. We added a projecting sign in the same colours to be seen coming from both sides of the street!

Inside the clinic they had venetian plastering on various walls, our job was to add the Chantelle Aesthetics stamp onto the walls with raised logo signs. Matching the exterior sign we went for mirrored-gold. 

Smaller signs were completed around the salon, including a reception desk sign and acrylic signs. 

If you are opening a new salon and need a sign, get in touch with our team today! 

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